Privacy Policy

Welcome to (“Takara”, “the site”). Takara is an internet site of Ontario based corporation Philanthrokidz Inc. (know henceforth as “Philanthrokidz”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

Takara is a virtual world for ‘tweens that allows them to make a difference in the real world by playing online! The site is designed for ‘tweens, as a place for them to discover their power for change and to experiment, learn, share and play in a safe and controlled environment.

The safety and security of Takara users is our top priority, and we have taken every possible precaution to ensure their time spent on the Takara is a safe and enriching experience. We have put in place the most advanced filtering mechanisms, live moderators and a stringent privacy policy. Privacy and Security Policy covers the types of information Philanthrokidz Inc. will be collecting from users of Takara, why this information will be collected and how it will be used. Privacy and Security Policy applies to all users of the site.

Personal and Other Information Collected by Philanthrokidz Inc.

Philanthrokidz Inc. collects a variety of information, through a various methods on Takara. Information is collected as is necessary for the management and improvement of the site, for user safety, and so that users to are able to participate in the activities and games available on Takara.

1) Login Information and Account Set-up Info:

In order to gain access to Takara and the features of the site, users are required to create a Takara Account. The information required to create an account includes the following; creation of a Takara nickname, creation of a password, email address, gender, country/province of residence and the date of birth.

Takara nickname is necessary for user identification on Takara, and is subject to review by Philanthrokidz Inc. for uniqueness and compliance with the Takara Rules and Regulations. The password is necessary for user account security. An email address is required for account set-up, and as a method of contacting users should they forget their Takara password, and require a new one to access the site. Philanthrokidz may also use the email address provided to give notice to users of any changes to Takara, including changes to the Terms of Use, and this Privacy and Security Policy.

All other account set-up information is collected exclusively for the internal purpose of activating and monitoring user accounts. Please note that if a user fails to comply with Takara Terms of Use and Rules and Regulations, Philanthrokidz Inc. may use the account set-up Info, including Takara nickname, and email address provided, to suspend or terminate the user’s account.

2) User Generated Content:

Certain activities and features on Takara allow users to create and submit text, artwork, and other creative materials (collectively “user content”). Under the Terms of Use and Rules and Regulations, users agree not to submit any content which is inappropriate in any way, unlawful or infringing on the proprietary and other legal rights of other persons.

All user content will be monitored and screened by moderation software and live moderators to ensure that it complies with Takara Terms of Use and Rules and Regulations, before being displayed on Takara. The screening process will also ensure that user content contains no personal information such as the user’s real name, address, email address or any other identifying information or information that threatens the security of the user’s account.

3) Site Management:

Philanthrokidz may collect user information, to be used internally, that is necessary to the process of analyzing site functionality and the quality of the user experience. This information includes things such as the frequency with which users access various parts of the site, and the length of time spent on the site.

Philanthrokidz may collect this non-identifiable information through the use of analytics software and other software technologies such as cookies (small text files that are automatically placed in visitors’ computer browsers to store their preferences). Cookies allow users to store their password without having to re-enter it each time they access Takara. They store no personal information whatsoever, and can also be turned off through your browser settings (refer to your browser Help menu to learn how to modify your computer’s cookies) though you may not then have access to features that make web browsing more efficient.

4) Email Contact:

Should users choose to contact Philanthrokidz Inc., via an email address that has not been entered in account set-up information (whether it be for help or any other reason) Philanthrokidz Inc. will use the email address only to respond to the query, after which the email address will be deleted. It will not be stored for any other purpose.

5) Information Disclosed to Third Parties:

Philanthrokidz Inc. will never disclose any personal user information to third parties except if required to do so by law, or to give information to service providers who provide anti fraud and security-related services. These service providers are contractually bound to protect any personal information disclosed to them.

In the event of any transaction such as the sale, merger, amalgamation, financing, liquidation or insolvency of Takara, Philanthrokidz Inc. or its business or assets, Philanthrokidz Inc. may be required to provide access to customer lists and other personal information as part of the due diligence process.

Thank you for taking the time to read the Privacy and Security Policy of Takara. Should you have any questions regarding the information in this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.