Welcome to Takara- Where Play=Power!!

Takara is a virtual island, home to a group of unique and inspiring ‘tweens whose goal is to change the world for the better by uniting a powerful force- kids!

As a parent, you know how mighty your kids are! But sometimes they forget the power they actually have to make change in the world and to do good! Takara is a virtual space that provides an opportunity for children to make actual change in the world while doing what they love most- playing and interacting!

PlayTakara.com is designed for ‘tweens, as a place for them to discover their power for change and to experiment, learn, share and play in a safe and controlled environment. Through game play, exploring the island and participating in contests and challenges, your child will earn virtual currency which they then have the option to spend on philanthropic projects. Projects will take place both online and in the real world, through a corporate matching scheme. Whatever your child helps to build online, will be built in the real world, so they can see their online play time transform into real world benefit, right before their eyes! Takara gives your child the chance to dig a well, build a school or maybe stock a library between supper and soccer practice!

Takara offers an opportunity for ‘tweens to learn philanthropy as a lifestyle, and the vital art of balance. They learn that anyone is capable of doing good, and that it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice! Anyone can find a way to do good while doing what they love!

Filled with cool virtual spaces to explore, weird and wonderful things to discover and many opportunities for creative expression and learning, Takara is the perfect place for your child to spend their online time expanding their knowledge and imagination.

Safety on Takara

The safety and security of your child is our top priority, and we have taken every possible precaution to ensure their time spent on Takara is a safe and enriching experience. We have put in place the most advanced filtering mechanisms, live moderators and a stringent privacy policy.

To ensure that Takara is constantly safe and secure, we have teamed up with moderation experts Crisp Thinking (http://www.crispthinking.com/). Through this partnership we benefit from their highly-sophisticated NetModerator software. Moderator software monitors the content being shared on Takara all day, every day and automatically protects your child from anything inappropriate or harmful. User behaviour is also monitored, and any behaviour/user content deemed inappropriate will be immediately deleted.

We also encourage that you and your child take a few simple actions to further protect yourself from any uncomfortable situations:

  • Be aware of the actions and behavior of other Takara users.
  • Contact Philanthrokidz to report user behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable and report it when the incident happens.
  • Be aware of your child’s activity online, monitor their online play time and encourage them to inform you when they are playing on the Takara, and what they have been up to.
  • Encourage your child to keep their login info, and other personal information private!
  • Encourage your child to trust their instincts, and if something seems not quite right, to inform and adult immediately.